Potential Career Paths With an MFA Degree

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) allows you to pursue your interests in an artistic area, while also preparing for leadership roles in your respective field. You can enter this kind of program even if your bachelor’s degree was in another field – you just need a portfolio to present to be considered as a prospective students. After graduating with your MFA, you can pursue any number of careers; here are a few of your options:

MFA Specialties

With an MFA, you won’t just study “the arts” like you might with a liberal arts degree. You’ll get on a specific track, honing your skills and talents in a certain area. Some of the specializations MFA students can consider include creative writing, theatre, film making, visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.), and dance. The specialization you choose while in school will determine the type of job you get when you graduate.

Performance Jobs

The goal of most MFA students is to land a “performance” job, which typically means working as an artist, writer, dancer, etc. in your field to create works of art. These are some of the most competitive positions out there – even if you have tons of talent and work hard toward your goals, the stars have to align for you to land a full-time performance-based job in a creative field. However, you also have the option of working for yourself as a business owner. You could open your own studio, become an independent film director, freelance write, and more. Again, this is a challenging career path, but those who do have success enjoy the freedom of being their own boss.

Leadership Positions

An MFA also prepares you to take on leadership positions in the fine arts world. Some options include art director, museum curator, gallery owner, and studio head. Those with MFAs can also take on education positions, working at colleges or prep schools to teach others about the arts or working at their own studios to teach novice students more about their field of choice. While an MFA does prepare you for performance, these leadership positions are often easier to find and more stable, so don’t discount them as career paths.

Online Schools Offering MFA and Other Fine Arts Programs

Full Sail University MFA in Creative Writing Full Sail University – In the Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts program at Full Sail University, students are taught the skills required to succeed in the creative writing industry. The curriculum explores storytelling through film, television, animation, and gaming. Screenwriting is also discussed in depth. Courses concentrate on developing leadership, project-management, and research skills.
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